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Golden Retrievers have been in our family for over 20 years. Our first Golden, Sherry, came two years after the birth of our child, and we have never regretted it.
Our son grew up with the puppy, and they developed a true friendship. From a very young age, he knew how to treat a dog correctly and understood that a dog feels pain just like people do.
A little later, we already had two Goldens. As the saying goes, there are never too many Goldens! So we founded Perfect Forever Kennel and went deep into the work with the breed, striving to preserve and improve the qualities of these wonderful dogs.
We were looking for a friendly, peaceful breed that would be the perfect companion and friend for our family and children. And we found it. This is a golden retriever.
Tetiana Stepanok, owner of the kennel "Perfect Forever"
We will also help you choose a puppy that suits your temperament and personality. Who better than a breeder to know more about a puppy from his first days of life.
Six years ago, we got our first Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Corgis are attractive and cartoonish, but remember that this is still a sheepdog, and you should not relax with them.
Corgis are playful, agile, and funny. Look at those ears, short legs, and funny butts! I fell in love with them! However, we should remember that any dog needs enough time and attention. Walking, socializing, and teaching basic commands so he will please you and your family throughout his life.
We share years of experience raising a pet with future owners of our puppies. We are in touch throughout a puppy's life.
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